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Manufacturer of All Types of Plastic Items and Dauber brush
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Welcome to Ashok Enterprises

At Ashok Enterprises, our expertise comes from over three decades in providing all types of metal cap closures for packaging industries.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of CPVC integrated top components (i.e. integrated top sets) for all sizes of 100ml, 250 and 500ml cans. We also specialise in cap dauber, canister lids (newman caps) and small round tins (1-3g)

Our products are applied predominantly for packaging purposes in the food processing industry, we provide a cost-effectively and the highest level of quality that suits your needs.

Examples of use are

  • Integrated top components are used for the making of CPVC cans for 100ml, 250 and 500ml

  • Small round tin cans are mainly used for packaging waxes, creams, oniments and other cosmetics.

  • Metal Dauber caps are mainly used as an applicator for PVC cement.

  • Canister lids (newmann caps) are used for sealing of 15 kg / ltr edible oil, vanaspati and pure ghee tins.